Install and Secure phpMyAdmin on CentOS 6.4

PhpMyAdmin is a popular web interface for web developers to manage MySQL databases. This tutorial will guide you through on how to install and secure PhpMyAdmin on your CentOS web server.


This guide assumes that you already have Apache and MySQL installed on your CentOS web server.
(Optional) Note that if you want to access PhpMyAdmin using SSL, then you will need to configure SSL certificate by referring to the following guide.

Setting up an SSL Secured Web Server with CentOS

1. Add EPEL Repositories

PhpMyAdmin is not included in CentOS packages, therefore you will need to add EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) to your web server.

(Optional) Run the following command to install wget if you haven’t install wget yet

Command to install EPEL packages to your web server

Check that EPEL has been added to your repository

You should see the following

Once done remove the respository configuration package

2. Download PhpMyAdmin

Command to download PhpMyAdmin

3. Configure PhpMyAdmin

Find your IP Address first
Then edit PhpMyAdmin config file

Modify the following 4 lines in the config file

Then save and close the config file

4. Open PhpMyAdmin in your Web Browser

Open the following url in your web browser


That’s it you are done!

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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