Magento 1.9 Fix for Sending Double Emails or Sending Email to Wrong Recipients

As we know, Magento uses a cron job system to send out email from core_email_queue table. There is an additional table called core_email_queue_recipients, which as the name states, will store all recipients for emails there. But these records do not get removed at times and that is usually why you will get the issue of Magento sending double emails or sending email to wrong recipients.

Follow the following steps to have this issue fixed.

1. Clean up core_email_queue_recipients table

Executing the two SQL statements below will remove any orphan email recipient records so that Magento will not send double emails or send email to wrong receipents.

2. Alter core_email_queue_recipients

Altering core_email_queue_recipients table to attach a foreign key to every recipient record so that it will get deleted when an email is done sending.


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