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How to Change Time Zone on CentOS 6?

Always having difficulty on how to change time zone on CentOS 6? Just bookmark this page and everything will be solved.

Identify your current time zone

There are two ways to identify your current time zone.


Change time zone

Change “Amercia/Chicago” to the respective time zone that you want.


[Additional] Change PHP time zone

Search for this line

Change it to

Of course change it the time zone you want it to be


After running the commands above, remember to run the first step again to check that your time zone has been updated successfully.

That’s it. Changing CentOS 6 time zone is as simple as this.

2 thoughts on “How to Change Time Zone on CentOS 6?”

  1. This made it a lot easier, thanks. I m hoping this change in server time will reflect on Awstats so the reports are in sync with my local time.

  2. Be sure to reboot your SQL server. Otherwise it will continue to operate in the old time zone. This can cause problems that are hard to debug.

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