Magento 1.9 Fix for Sending Double Emails or Sending Email to Wrong Recipients

As we know, Magento uses a cron job system to send out email from core_email_queue table. There is an additional table called core_email_queue_recipients, which as the name states, will store all recipients for emails there. But these records do not get removed at times and that is usually why you will get the issue of Magento sending double emails or sending email to wrong recipients.

Follow the following steps to have this issue fixed.

1. Clean up core_email_queue_recipients table

Executing the two SQL statements below will remove any orphan email recipient records so that Magento will not send double emails or send email to wrong receipents.

2. Alter core_email_queue_recipients

Altering core_email_queue_recipients table to attach a foreign key to every recipient record so that it will get deleted when an email is done sending.


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How to Install Vesta CP on CentOS 6.8 VPS from DigitalOcean?

What is VestaCP?

VestaCP is a web-based control panel for you to manage your server. In fact VestaCP is a much lightweight version of the famous cPanel, which will cost you a bomb. VestaCP is open source, which means its FREE.

Apart from being free, there are commercial plugins available on VestaCP, which are actually quite useful to a certain extend.

There are two commercial plugins that are available for purchase. The good news here is that they are available in lifetime license. You can see them at the image below.

VestaCP Commercial Plugins - MervCodes
VestaCP Commercial Plugins – MervCodes

Without further delay, lets begin with the technical stuffs.

How to install VestaCP?

1. First thing to do is to download VestaCP installation script.

2. Run the installation script

Simply hit “y” for everything except filling up of your FQDN and admin email address.

3. Finally

When the installation completes, you should receive an email at the inbox of the admin email address that you entered previously.

4. [Optional] Upgrade default PHP 5 to PHP 7

In case you want more speed for your PHP-Powered website, you canĀ upgrade your PHP to PHP 7 by following the following guide.


That’s it. You got yourself a lightweight web-based control panel for your server.

Install Varnish Cache on CentOS 6/7

Varnish Cache is a tool that helps to cache web pages for quicker loading of web pages.

Here we will cover how to install Varnish Cache on CentOS 6/7.

Step 1: Add EPEL

CentOS 6

CentOS 7

Step 2: Download Varnish Cache

CentOS 6

CentOS 7

Step 3: Install Varnish Cache

CentOS 6/7

Step 4: Start Varnish Cache

CentOS 6

CentOS 7

Step 5: Set Varnish Cache to run on boot

CentOS 6

CentOS 7


That’s it! It’s that simple to setup Varnish Cache.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Permissions for WordPress on CentOS 6

Often when we install WordPressĀ on CentOS 6 web server, we will encounter permissions issue when we try to do anything.

The following commands will help you set the correct permissions required in order for WordPress to function properly.

After setting the correct permissions for WordPress, remember to restart your web server by running the following command.