Palm Resting on Trackpad Issue While Typing in New Apple Macbook 2016

Simply run this command in your terminal.


How to install Cocoapods for Objective-C/Swift development on Mac OS?

Steps to install Cocoapods

Cocoapods is used in Xcode IDE for development from iOS apps using Objective-C/Swift. Cocoapods helps developers add external libraries to their iOS project easily. The following tutorial guides you on the steps to install Cocoapods on your Mac in order to make use of its features.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

You should see the message “1 gem installed“.

Step 4

You should be done if you never encounter any errors along the way.

(Optional) Step 5

Running the above command will show you your current pod version.

That’s it!

Random Left Right App Worth 1.4 Million

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Complete overview of the mobile app development process (Infographic)

Clients always have the misperception that developing a mobile app is as easy as developing a mobile application would be a walk in a park without much effort involved. The following infographic pretty much sums up the total cost and effort for mobile app development.

Infographic on mobile app development

Credits to TechInAsia for posting this infographic.