What’s the Big Idea Behind Apple & Android?

Changing phone soon? Can’t make up your mind? Too many features to consider?

If you are asking yourself these questions right now, fret not, just read on.

Market Trend

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 3.22.56 pm

Source: Forbes Article

According to a Forbes article, the projection shows that Android is having the upper hand in mobile phone market right now. Nonetheless, these are just numbers. Next, the pros and cons of Apple iPhone and Android phone will be discussed.

Apple iPhone


Pros of Apple:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. User friendly user interface
  3. If you are dead set on getting an Apple iPhone, then there aren’t too many choices to choose from

Cons of Apple:

  1. Stuck with iTunes for life
  2. Lots of restrictions (Applicable to mobile application developers)



Pros of Android:

  1. Way easier to transfer files, apps, musics, etc in and out of your device
  2. Much lesser mobile application restrictions

Cons of Android:

  1. Prone to viruses
  2. Too many Android brands and choices to choose from (Only applicable to people who think a lot)

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